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Vsetín city, located in the heart of Wallachia, is a region known for its natural beauty and diverse recreational opportunities. Whether you seek adventure, sports, or leisure activities, this region has it all. Immerse yourself in year-round tourism, folklore, top-notch services, and the warm hospitality of its people. Discover the following destinations, ideal for first-time visitors, while seasoned travelers may already have their favorites:

  • Vsetín Castle
  • Ski resort Jasenka
  • Vartovna Lookout Tower
  • Cycle track Bečva
  • Wallachian Open Air Museum
  • Nature trail Klenov
  • Bystřička Reservoir
  • Old-growth forest Razula
  • Pustevny and Heroic Statue of Radegast
  • Pulčín Rocks
  • Jurkovič Observation Tower
  • Balaton Natural Swimming Pool
  • Ski resort Karolinka


Rozmarýn restaurant and guesthouse is the perfect venue for your special day. Our well-designed restaurant space allows for optimal utilization of all areas. The lounge provides an elegant setting for your festive table, while the bar area is ideal for music, dancing, and entertainment. Additionally, we offer a spacious banquet area near the fireplace. To enhance your wedding experience, we provide wedding chair covers, decorations in your chosen color scheme, and even a delightful chocolate fountain.

    Our offerings include:
  • Intimate spaces for smaller, family-style weddings
  • The option to hold your wedding ceremony in our picturesque garden
  • Enjoy a delightful garden party with a barbecue during the summer months
  • Accommodation options for both the newlyweds and wedding guests
  • Special facilities for our young guests

We would be honored to contribute our services and expertise to such an important milestone in your life. Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your desires and crafting a tailored offer that perfectly aligns with your vision.


The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate a total of 55 guests across two rooms. The first room offers a cozy setting by the fireplace, perfect for enjoying wine and can be adapted to accommodate larger groups with a table for up to 25 people. The second room, featuring a bar and a view of the garden, extends to an outdoor terrace that is highly popular during hot summer days, providing an additional 30 seats.

Our lounge, along with all areas of the restaurant, outdoor terrace, and garden, are available for hosting various social events. We are delighted to assist you in selecting a menu, arranging flower decorations, and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

For corporate events, we provide a projection screen, a 105 cm TV, and a flipchart. Moreover, we offer comprehensive refreshments, including breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner.